About Me

Fay Wuthrich, MA, CGRS


As Founder and Director of Annie’s Door: Counselling Services, it has been amazing to realize that my dreams of helping others through the brokenness of their lives has come true. That dream, I believe, was placed within my soul through the many life events that have shaped my life. And so it is my honour to honour the journey of your soul through the ‘Pathways to Feeling Better’ offered here at Annie’s Door.

I remember the day that I whispered to my husband my desire to be a chaplain to women and attend bible school. I whispered it because I knew if I spoke it out loud it may come true. And it did. I ended up graduating from Rocky Mountain College (Calgary) with a Diploma in Christian Leadership in 2012 and 3 years of an undergraduate degree in Christian Spirituality completed. In 2015 I graduated with a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation from Carey Theological College in Vancouver, BC which allows me the opportunity to help people pray and experience God in their own unique way.

I struggled with unresolved grief after the death of my mom in 2013 – a struggle which I overcame when I attended a workshop on grief recovery. The workshop had such a powerful impact on my life that I became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist through training received from the Grief Recovery Institute® (www.griefrecoverymethod.com), located in Sherman Oaks, California. Using the Grief Recovery Method, I am to guide people through the action choices required to help them recover from the pain, isolation and loneliness that results from unresolved grief. Grief that is uniquely their own - whether it stems from a loss due to death, divorce, or one of the 40 other losses that people may experience throughout their lives.

As a Spiritual Director, I help people become more aware of the movement of God and of His presence in the everydayness of their lives. I received my training as a Spiritual Director through the 2-year "Soul Care" program offered by the Anam Chara Centre for Christian Formation graduating in 2012, and am currently offering a deep listening ministry to folks within the Vanderhoof area of BC and from Kamloops via Skype. After graduating from the “Soul Care” program, I served as a supervisor in the training of new spiritual directors in the “Spiritual Direction: Training in the Art of Soul Care” program; again at Anam Chara, and sat on their Board of Directors for 7 years since its inception in 2008. I am also registered as a Spiritual Director with SDI (Spiritual Directors International @ www.sdiworld.org).

I took training in Trauma Recovery from Taking Flight International located in Edmonton, Alberta. Through this amazing training, I came to believe in Dr. Jane Simington’s Four Part Model for Healing Trauma©. This model employs culturally appropriate strategies to gain the attention of both the brain’s hemispheres (which is damaged during trauma) to heal memories and emotions stored in the body, mind and spirit, and provides strategies for reclaiming a resilient life of freedom and joy.

My husband and I live and work a small farm near Vanderhoof, BC – a community that has opened their hearts to us in a way we have never experienced before. We believe with all our heart that we were brought to this farm and this community by God – something we are grateful for every day and which we will praise His name for - always.

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